We’re Dave Furman and Shannon Baker (and Jezebel) and we’d love to welcome you to our home in Tucson. 300499_2259321054391_1845317907_n

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When we set out to find our perfect home, we had a short list of criterea. It had to be sunny and warm. Dave wanted to be near an airport because he likes to fly.




Shannon wanted lots of peace and quiet because she’s a mystery writer.



We both needed a pool and space to be outside to enjoy, among other things, cold cervesa. But neither of us cared about a big house.

We found everything we wanted with a good-sized pool and secluded back yard that looks out onto open desert. But it came with a five bedroom house.

It seemed perfect to invite other writers to share in the serene, word-inspiring setting. So here we are.

Though maybe not the most imaginative name,  we named our home Casa Caliente the first time we stayed here. At that time, the house had no air conditioning, no ceiling fixtures, the pool was boarded up and there was no kitchen. Technically, there was a room that once contained a kitchen, along with some copper pipes coming out of the walls, but there were no appliances, cupboards, or even a kitchen sink. Since it was late May, the house got hot. So… Casa Caliente.

These days, the a/c is fully functional, the pool is sparkling blue and inviting, and the spa is ready for a relaxing soak.  Dave installed a beautiful kitchen and we’re ready and waiting for you.